Our Team

מודי אבירם

Modi Aviram

Architect. Loves people, nature and cities. Explores the world above and below sea level. Established “Aviram Architects” in 1981 and runs it up to this day with a humanistic approach.

שרונה בוטבול טחן

Sharona Tahan

Architect and partner. Graduated from the Technion with honor (1998).
Practicing wide range of planning projects, from the macro – the urban space and statutory planning to the micro- the details of the building and the reciprocity between them.


Dafna Dorfman

Architect and partner. Graduated from the Technion with honor (2014), graduated Masters studies at the faculty of Urban and Regional Planning in Technion with honor. Married and mother of 3 adorable children. Likes to engage in designing the urban space and in statutory urban planning. Leads projects in urban planning in the office. Has been working in the office since 2007.

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Jackie Tramer

Administrative Director of the firm. Condones avant-garde design trends. Working in the office since 2005.

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Shhiber Shhiber

Architect. Graduate of the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Working in the office since 2012. Practice areas: construction plans, housing, public buildings and industry.


Shira Shatz

Master’s degree graduate in urban and regional planning (Technion, 2021), a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental studies (Haifa University, 2018), and an architectural and interior design engineer (Ariel University, 2014).
Been working in the office since 2014.


Hila Dagan Peretz

Practical Architect. Graduate of Architecture and Interior Design at the National School of Practical Engineers (Technion, 2017).


Osama Abu Jaber

Architect, graduated from the Department of Architecture (Bezalel, 2017).


Valentina Gofman

Master’s degree graduate in Civil Engineering (National Academy of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine, 2005).


Julie Habib

Master’s Student of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion.


Hisham Shaban

A lawyer and urban planner, specializes in urban planning and real estate, he holds a bachelor’s degree in law (Tel Aviv University) and a master’s degree in urban and regional planning  (Technion Institute). Accompanies the office in promoting complex plans in the Arab society, in addition for being a co-partner of Nashef, Aoun, Sha’ban & Co law office.


Rasha Bowirrat

Architect and Urban Planner. Rasha Holds a graduate degree in Architecture from the faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technion. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree with honors (Cum Laude) in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technion. Rasha’s expertise lies in parametric design and employing advanced technological methods for urban data analysis. She is an Azrieli scholarship fellow since 2021.